Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Museum of Yesterday: Point 3, 5

Monarch's Points

3. Subjects / users

Subject for our museum can be any and everything which takes place around the people on campus, every event which can generate emotions on collective spectrum.

User of the museum of yesterday will be the students, faculty members and people working for university of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. This is their own memories which they want to share with fellow mates, through which they want to express their joy , grief, excitement and emotions which they experience everyday.

Glimpses of things which can get away un noticed but are worth getting attention or something which will remain in individual memory forever will get a canvas which will host them.

5. Measures

Success of museum of yesterday will mainly depend on the involvement of the user group, along with the true and topic related memories. Here we are addressing to large group of people which are involved in making the working of an idea.

There can be some measures which should be taken into consideration to make the system more efficient –

1. The data (memories) for the museum should reflect the the topic for which one had to address.
For Eg. If the topic is motion on campus – the data uploaded should be reflecting that,
As a process for uploading data would work on swiping of the university I card – excess will be given to only them , also one has to select the topic under which data has to be stored, which makes the process more transparent.

If there is any misleading data then the person who has uploaded it will be given strict warning and his data will be removed from or not uploaded on the museum.

2. There will be some authority given to the audience, where they will be able to vote out any data which they seem to be not appropriate. Audience can swipe their I card and can vote out any data , but they will be able to vote only once per person per memory. So that it can be a fair process.

3. Real success of the process will lie on the emotions generated on collective level. To deal it on equal bar we have tried to deal with specific human senses that is vision and emotions.
There is no specific language, group of people or mode of expression which dominates the

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