Thursday, February 22, 2007

External Memory: The System

Wake up/Remember:

After you have had your surgery and you don't have any internal method for recording new memories you must use a new external system. Every morning when you wake up you must review your memory blog. There will be separate posts for each respective day as well as a special section for long term memories (this is where you would post things that are very important, or things that you would need to know constantly such as a bus route you just learned). You would refresh your mind with the days past and skim through the posts paying special attention to the long term memory posts because these should be the most crucial things you would need to function each day.


Once you are done with your morning memory refresher you begin the recording process of all your memories. Based on an outline and your own judgement you must decide which memories will be relevant, useful or special and which ones you don't really need to record. You will use an audio recorder, digital camera and note pad to record your memories. The audio recorder for sound, conversations, etc. The digital camera for faces, places, events and visuals. The note pad to record thoughts, feelings, or to annotate and give context to audio recordings or images. Throughout the day you would accumulate these memories and try to only record things that you will really need or really want to keep (especially considering that each morning you will review more and more material as days progress).


Once you get home and before you go to sleep you must import all of your recordings. As you import you must compare your recordings with your own memory of that day (you still have the days memory in your head til you fall asleep) and decide which memories can be deleted or manually "forgotten" and which one's you must keep or want to keep. Then from the relevant recordings you make a blog post for that day which shows all the information you recorded. That days blog entry will then become your memory archive for all things that happened that day. Then you will go to sleep and forget everything that happened.

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