Thursday, February 22, 2007

External Memory: The Scenario

By contemplating the dilemma of not having a memory for 24 hours our group came across many difficult obstacles which we would have to deal with to create a reasonable project. We decided that it would be close to impossible to have a useful external memory system because you would need lists, artifacts, documents etc. of every place you have been, people you know, or things you need to know how to do... right at your fingertips to recall. This task would be near impossible and to create a working system which would make recalling these memories easy and functional within the context of all the rest of your memory would be extremely difficult. In order to have a useful and realistic final project after 3 weeks of work we decided to create a narrative of sorts which would limit the scope of the project to the future of your memory. We decided to treat the project like a new disorder you must adjust to.

Say you were having brain surgery on Tuesday and the doctor's told you that after the surgery you would not have any new long term memories from then on. You could remember things from that day, but once you fall asleep you lose that whole day and all memories after the surgery. So this means you would still remember everything in your life before the surgery, but you would need to catalogue your future memories to build a long and short term memory for the rest of your life. So on Wednesday when you wake up you must record your entire day and store that information so when you wake up on Thursday you will know what happened the day before. Then you would continually record and relive each of your days through this mediated catalogue of your memories. The records will be stored in a blog like this one which you can edit and personally manage.

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